Welcome to Firm Foundation Upper Sokponba Location, the Super City. Enjoy God’s presence in an ambiance of excellence where the supernatural is norm.

265, Presidential Villa, Hotel Hall, Before Nomayo Junction, Upper Sokponba.

1st Service - 7:30am | 2nd Service - 9:30am | 3rd Service - 11:30am
Wednesdays - 5:00pm

Facebook: facebook.com/firmfoundationupper
Email: upper@firmfoundationng.org | Phone: +234.0.909.078.0704 / +234.0.704.039.3329

Service Teams:
EHC, Firm Assemble, Change Force, Hospitality, FBC, Facility Management, Future House, Young Firm Assembly.

Location Pastor Info:
Pastor Praise Ajor, is married to Mrs Bimbo Ajor. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, Evangelist by calling, Marriage Counselor, a Teacher and a Pastor, who uses power and love to bring the simplicity of God’s word to the reach of the people.